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What is osteopathy?

The popularity of Osteopathy is growing in the UK, as more people discover how effective it is as a solution for pain and discomfort. You usually hear about Osteopathy through word of mouth, from a friend or relative who had their problem resolved. Osteopathy is not only effective, but the way it is applied makes the process of healing more comfortable.

Things you may like about Osteopathy are:

  • The time that the Osteopath takes time to fully understand your problem and explain what is happening
  • That it addresses not only your immediate concern, but the underlying issues that may be at the root of the problem
  • Treatment is always tailored to your needs, ensuring that you are informed and comfortable with the techniques used
  • Osteopaths have a reputation for being gentler than other practitioners, and will even apply spinal adjustments with precision and minimum force
  • An Osteopath is fast to recognise if other investigations or treatment may be required, and will refer you when appropriate
  • Along with giving you specialised hands on treatment, you are also provided with advice on lifestyle and exercise for maintaining health

There are a number of reasons osteopathy is so effective. An Osteopath will take enough time and do thorough clinical testing in order to accurately diagnose your problem. They will also assess the balance and integrity of your whole musculo-skeletal system to fully comprehend where underlying causes may lie. Using this along with an extensive case history enquiry, the Osteopath forms a considered plan for treatment and can apply it with gentle precision.  Their understanding of anatomy and physiology is a great asset, enabling the Osteopath to encourage the best of your body’s healing and adaptive resources in overcoming the problem.

Legally practicing Osteopaths are certified by the general Osteopathic council. This means that their qualifications and fitness to practice have been thoroughly checked. An Osteopaths registration information can be confirmed at the GOsC website...


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There are a variety of osteopathy treatments including the following:

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