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Sports injury treatment with osteopathy

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A sports injury is one that arises during exercise or sporting activity, and usually (but not always) involves damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments. Unexplained chronic pain and tightness during exercise can also be treated under the umbrella of sports type injuries. To the uninitiated, an Osteopath may not seem the obvious choice when it comes to treating sports injuries, but it is a therapy that is increasingly recognised as highly effective at all stages in the healing and rehabilitation of injuries related to sporting activity.

When a sports injury takes place it is important to have it treated as quickly as possible. At the outset Osteopathic sports injury therapy works to support the initial phase of healing by assisting blood supply and drainage. This minimises the inflammatory phase and the degree of subsequent painful bruising. Advice is also given on the use of hot and cold applications. In addition the Osteopath ensures that the injured structures heal at the correct length, with the use of strapping and advice on movement and rest. As the healing continues the body will start to compensate by guarding the injured area. The Osteopath will carefully ensure that the impact of this compensation is kept to a minimum, so that the patient heals in a balanced and healthy way. This is achieved through stretching techniques and joint adjustments, along with techniques to balance the nervous system.

Lifestyle and exercise advice is an important part of the treatment. Most importantly the Osteopath will ensure that once the obvious problem is addressed the whole body is restored to a state of optimal physical balance and function. This addresses not only the issues that might have arisen during the injury, but any preexisting problems that might have contributed to it.

The Osteopathic approach to sports injuries is effective because it genuinely covers the full cycle of healing, from the time the injury has taken place to the restoration of balance and return to peak performance of the body. A careful and thoughtful approach ensures that problems introduced during the healing process are minimised, and properly corrected. In addition, Osteopathic sports injury therapy addresses the underlying causes of the injury, thereby helping to prevent recurrence.

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