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Symptoms which can be treated by an osteopath

Osteopaths are trained to treat a broad range of conditions and there is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports their effectiveness. Back, neck and shoulder pain are the most frequent reasons for seeking treatment, and Osteopathy is also popular with expectant mothers experiencing back pain (especially lower back pain) during pregnancy. The approach is frequently used to treat infants, but because of the difficulty in designing experiments in this area there is little research to show how effective it is. Osteopathic treatment of sport injuries is becoming increasingly well recognised.

Lower back pain

Solutions for both both acute and chronic lower back pain are often sought from Osteopaths. A variety of techniques are employed to restore mobility and comfort, which may include spinal adjustments, applied according patient needs. There is good evidence to support the effectiveness of Osteopathy in treating these conditions.

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Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain often go together, especially where pain results from postural strain and has arisen for no obvious cause. Isolated shoulder pain is usually the result of injury or a frozen shoulder. Osteopaths employ many different techniques to assess and treat each of these conditions.

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Headaches related to neck pain

Headaches are often a by-product of tight neck muscles, especially at the top of the neck at the cranial base. These are known as cervicogenic headaches and typically manifest as a dull ache at the back of the head, and sometimes across the forehead just above the eyes. Osteopathic treatment of the neck and shoulders, which sometimes includes cranial techniques, can give fast results and long term relief.

Babies and pregnancy

Expectant mothers often experience problems with the back, hips, neck and shoulders during pregnancy, which arise as the body adapts to carry the growing child. These may result from dormant problems that become acute with the strain of pregnancy. Because on Osteopath understands the changes that take place during pregnancy, and the safety issues associated with treatment, they are well placed to help bring relief at this vital time in a woman’s life.

The Osteopathic treatment of babies has become increasingly popular as mothers have sought solutions for infant discomfort and difficult behaviour. The Osteopathic theory, that centres around problems arising during birth, is based on sound reasoning, but to date there is little research that confirms the effectiveness of the treatment. This is because of the difficulty in measuring treatment success in infants, who don't communicate their feelings in a scientifically measurable way.

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Sports injuries

The term Sports injury applies to any problem that arises during exercise, and is certainly not confined to athletes and sports people. Osteopathy is well suited to treating these conditions because of the complete way it addresses the healing process, problems that arise during healing and factors that led to the initial injury.

The most important step in effective treatment of a condition is accurate diagnosis. This allows either the selection of the most effective treatment, or the appropriate referral of the patient for medical care or investigations. This is why an Osteopath invests so much time in understanding the patient and their symptoms.

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