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10 Tips on avoiding Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is a very common complaint, experienced by most people more frequently with age. Taking care of your back is a good way to avoid or minimise the problem. Here are the British Osteopathic Association tips for taking care of your back.

  • Keep moving and stretching
  • Take regular exercise
  • Take frequent breaks between tasks and vary the rhythm
  • When doing desk work try to alter your position regularly - avoid slouching
  • Pace yourself when work is heavy - for example when gardening
  • Adjust car seats and on long car journeys, take breaks and have a stretch
  • Watch children's posture - don't let them carry bags on one shoulder
  • Avoid strain when lifting especially when shopping and with small children
  • If your bed is old and uncomfortable consider upgrading it
  • Seek Osteopathic advice sooner rather than later

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